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A headache in the forehead can occur due to the appearance of vascular diseases of the brain. These diseases include: migraine, venous arteritis, ischemic cerebral vascular disease. Often in these cases, such pain is accompanied by nausea, sometimes vomiting and loss of coordination. The pain can be throbbing or aching. As a rule, with such attacks of pain, a person loses the ability to work for a while, since he cannot concentrate, it is difficult for him to speak and move in general. The manifestation of symptoms of increased intracranial pressure is also possible.
Pain in the back of the head is somewhat mysterious because it is not easy to determine whether the pain is coming from the head or neck.
Especially in people whose nape passes imperceptibly into the back. And the correct diagnosis depends on this. In the circle of numerous causes of pain in the back of the head, there is also provoked by the tension of the deep extensors of the neck, and they are located right under the back of the head. Pain in this area can appear with a slight tilt, slight turn of the head, and even touching the back of the head can cause pain.

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Headache from nerves is an ancient disease that is spreading more and more in parallel with the development of mankind. From 25-30 years, the likelihood of headaches is growing, and women overtake men here. Mental overload can be attributed to the same area.